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Vision & Mission

Support Services Core Group Vision

Our vision is that all Anne Arundel County services and operations will be delivered and conducted in an efficient, effective and professional manner consistent with law by capable and well trained personnel; that taxpayer funds will be collected and expended prudently; that County vehicles and facilities will be well managed and well maintained; that County leadership will be supported in development and implementation of policy initiatives and legislation; and that all constituent concerns will be resolved in a timely manner.


Mission of the Office of Law

Our mission is to:

  • assure all County operations and activities are conducted in accordance with the law and the highest standard of ethics
  • advise the County’s executive-branch and legislative-branch leadership on all matters of law and policy
  • prepare legislation on behalf of the County’s executive-branch and legislative-branch leadership
  • draft, review and negotiate contracts, and
  • represent the County in disputes and protect its interests.