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Critical Area Activities

The Chesapeake Bay Critical Area extends a minimum of 1,000 feet landward of tidal waters and tidal wetlands of the Bay and its tributaries.
State and local Critical Area legislation has been enacted for the protection of the Bay and its tributaries. These laws regulate all construction activities, including projects involving ground disturbance; removal and/or cutting of existing natural vegetation and installation of new or expanded impervious surfaces (asphalt, concrete, paving blocks and stone used for driveways, sidewalks, parking pads and the like.)
Except for routine grass cutting and maintenance of existing garden and landscaped areas, removal of any existing natural vegetation within the Critical Area buffer or protected forests or woodland is subject to prior approval through the Code Compliance Division. Call (410) 222-7441 for information on obtaining a standard Vegetation Management Plan or Forest Management Plan.
In Anne Arundel County, to find out if your property is located within the Critical Area go to the following link:  ,  call  (410) 222-7960 or send an email to  [email protected]  with your street address or tax account number and your property’s location relative to the Critical Area will be checked for you.