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Permit Types

Homeowners may apply for permits for ordinary repairs or construction on their owner-occupied dwelling. Separate trade permits are required for mechanical, plumbing, and electrical work and must be performed by tradesmen licensed in Anne Arundel County.  See a list of permits below that are available.  Please click on the Permit Type for more information.  

A Grading Permit is sometimes required when a project involves disturbance to the Earth's surface.  
Gas Permits are required for any gas fuel-burning equipment.  
Building Permits are required for any building construction, or alteration for any repairs involving structural replacement. 
An Electrical Permit must be secured for certain projects that involve electrical work as well as a electrical work associated with the construction of a new structure.  
A Mechanical Permit is required for work involved with the installation of HVAC equipment.  
A Plumbing Permit is required for general plumbing projects and the construction of new structured where plumbing will be present.  

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