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General Access & User Accounts

The Land Use Navigator is a web based application that allows customers to access and obtain various Inspection and Permit's services online. Listed below are the steps for accessing the system and creating a user account. Users do not have to register for an account to search permitting and licensing information. Simply click on the "Permits" or "Licensing" tab to search for records.

Getting to Land Use Navigator

The link to the Land Use Navigator is

If you already have a Public User that you want to work with, you may log in.

Land Use Navigator Home Screen

Create New User Account

  • To create a new Public User click Register for an Account
  • Accept the terms and click Continue Registration

Account Registration


  • Enter a Username unique to this account, a unique email address and a password
  • One security question must be created



Create Contact Information

  • Click the Add New button to add your contact details.


Contact Type 

  • Select a Contact Type for your Public User. Individual for a single person or organization for a business.
  • Enter contact details. When adding address be sure to choose address type "mailing address".

Contact Information

  • After all fields are entered, select the Continue button. The screen below will display. Write down your user name and password.


Manage User Account

  • Select Manage Account to view or edit details or add additional contacts.
  • These would be contacts associated with your Public User account, not with a specific permit application.  


Log in to the Land Use Navigator

  • After you create your Public User account, you may Login to the Land Use Navigator.
  • You will see a welcome screen.  You can view your records or licenses.
  • You can go to Account Management to update you details or associated additional contacts with your Public User.


  • The Dashboard tab will show any items saved in your cart, your collectins and your Work in Progress permits.
  • The My Records tab displays all records applied for, claimed and/or attached to an account. You may also select records to add to a collection, add to your cart, request a revision and pay fees due, when applicable.

    If you do not see the Request Revision option please contact the Permit Center to have it added.


Adding a Delegate to Your Account

  • Select Account Management


  • Scroll to the bottom and select Add Delegate.
  • A pop-up will generate and you can select which permissions you would like your delegate to have. After you choose them, select Invite a Delegate and it will send an automated email to the chosen delegate.


Claiming a Record with PIN Email

  • Click on the link provided in the email; if the link was not an active link, copy the link & paste in your browser


  • Click Register for an Account ; follow the instructions, please make sure to use the associated email that the pin record emails were sent to is the email you use the create the account
  • Once the account has been created: Click Home, Under General Information click PIN Request


  • Read the general disclaimer, check the box & clickContinue Application


  • Click Add a Row; If you have multiplePINs to enter you can click the arrow down to add multiple rows at at time.


  • Input the 10 digit PIN & the Record Number.


  • Click Submit
  • Verify all PINs & permit numbers have been entered & click Continue Application


  • Verify PIN Record again on the next screen & click continue
  • The next screen will show you that the PINS have been successfully submitted


  • Click the Permits Button at the top of the screen & you will see all Records you claimed with PINS


  • If you do not have a PIN, please contact the Permit Center at 410-222-7730 and provide the email address used to create your LUN account to have the record attached manually.

Attaching a License to Your LUN Account

  • Click Register for an Account; follow the instructions, please make sure to use the associated email that the pin record emails were sent to is the email you use the create the account
  • Once the account has been created-Log in. Click on Account Management

license 1

  • Scroll down to License Information and click Add A License

license 2

  • In the dropdown menu choose the Type of License

license 3

  • Under License number input Entire license number including prefix & click Find License

license 4

    • HIC000000
    • MSC000000
    • HBR000000
    • B5000000
    • A2000000
    • D1000000
  • Verify it is the correct license information & click Add License to Account

license 5

  • Click OK in the pop up message, you will see a message telling you the license has been added to your account

license 6

  • Click on Permits

license 7

  • Entire list of permits that are associated with that license will be displayed

license 8

  • Once a license is attached you will have access to the associated record type application.