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Request Revision

Please note:  If your initial submission was made with paper plans you will need to submit any revisions through the Permit Center with paper plans, as well.

Step 1



Step 2

  • Click on the blue link that reads Request Revision for the record you would like to revise.
    * If this option is not available you will need to contact the permit center for it to be added before you proceed.


Step 3

  • Complete the Detailed Description box. Explain exactly what is being revised in as much detail as possible.



Step 4

  • Add supporting documentation along with a revised permit application reflecting any changes to the record. (This is required and the revision request may be delayed or denied without a revised permit application.) Select CONTINUE APPLICATION .


Step 5

  • Review the Revision Request permit and select Continue Application.


  • A revision number will be issued you may use to reference the revision. This is not a new permit number. The permit number will remain the same.