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Land Use Navigator System Information

The Permit Center will continue to accept paper plans until further notice.


The Land Use Navigator is a web based application that allows customers to access and obtain Inspection and Permit services online. Users do not have to register for an account to search permitting and licensing information. Simply click on the "Permits" or "Licensing" tab to search for records.

What services are available?

Apply for all permit types online
Renew and apply for licenses
Submit plans & documents
Schedule inspections
Check on statuses
Pay all fees online
The County will be adding more Land Use related services to this platform in the future.

Getting Started

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1Plan your work

Check the Permits page to determine if you need a permit and what forms/plans may be required for the application process.

Learn about the Inspections that may be required.

If applying or renewing a license, review the Licenses section of the website to learn more.

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2Review the System Help

Access the System Help section to use as a reference and to familiarize yourself with the Land Use Navigator.

Check the list of supported browsers to ensure your software will work with the system.

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3Access the LUN System

Launch the Land Use Navigator to create an account and begin accessing services online.

If you have questions, review the System Help site.

Need Assistance?

If you have questions about the Land Use Navigator, please contact the Permit Center staff at (410)222-7730 or visit the Permit Center in person.