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LUN Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.  How do I find my address?

    Search using only the street number and the street name or search using only the street name. 

    *If an address has not yet been assigned to a property, contact the Office of Planning and Zoning before continuing your application:

  • 2. My owner's information is not correct.

    If the incorrect owner's information is displayed please add an additional contact and select owner information as the type of contact.  Once the updated owner's information is received from SDAT the record will automatically update to reflect the new ownership.

  • 3.  Why is a Homeowner Affidavit or Letter of Authorization required?

    A Homeowner Affidavit is only required for new construction and rebuilds.  The form allows the landowner to obtain a building permit for construction to be performed by the landowner solely for the landowner's use without a builder's registration number.  See the form for more detailed information.

    A Letter of Authorization is required for residential permits only.  A letter signed by the property owner must be provided with the application when the applicant contact is listed as someone other than the property owner and is not a licensed contractor or a licensed architect/engineer.

    If the property owner is someone other than an individual such as an LLC, and HOA, Inc., etc.additional documentation identifying the authorized individual is required.

    We are aware of and working to correct: in some instances the Land Use Navigator is requiring these documents when they are not applicable.  If this happens, upload a blank sheet of paper and select which document is being requested.  Write "Not Required" in the description box to continue with the application.  If permit intake staff determine that one of the documents is required, the application will be marked incomplete and the applicant will be notified by email with instructions on how to proceed.

  • 4.  My application is in an "Incomplete" status.

    An Incomplete status means based on the proposed work intake staff determined additional information is needed to process the application.  An email is sent to the applicant with details of what is required. 

    Attach the required documentation to your record:

    Applicant - go to your attachments and upload the information. The application will be reassigned to intake staff for review and processing.

    If you are not the applicant you will need to contact the applicant or the Permit Center before accessing the record.

  • 5.  What happens if my application is denied?

    If an application is denied it may have been a duplicate, not required, or an incorrect record type.  An email will be sent to the applicant with a reason for the denial and instruction on how to proceed.

    To submit a Cancelation/Refund Request  complete the form and email it to [email protected].

  • 6.  Why can't I apply for a new record (permit) with my county issued license?

    - Your license may be inactive. Check the Trade License Lookup.  Contact the Licensing Division for assistance.

    -Your license may not be attached to your account and will need to be done under the Account Manager tab.

  • 7.  I can't add a state issued license such as MHIC, Home Builder, etc. when submitting a new application.

    If a state issued license has not been previously used to apply for a permit in Anne Arundel County contact the Permit Center to have it added.

  • 8.  How do I change or add a licensed professional after submitting my application?

    Contact the Permit Center to make changes to the contractor contact after submission.

  • 9.  Why didn't I receive a comment letter?

    Comment letters are no longer necessary.  Comments are viewable under the Processing Status of your record.

  • 10.  How do I submit a revision/response to comments?

    Once all reviews are completed and the status of the record has been updated to "Revisions Required" (check here). 

    Click "Request Revision"  in the action column next to the record number.

  • 11.  How do I access my issued permit and approved plans?

    Once all reviews have been completed and the permit status is "Active", go to the attachment section of your record to access the approved documents .

  • 12.  I cannot schedule an inspection.

    Inspections can only be scheduled when the record is in an "Active" status.  The record needs to be attached to your LUN account in order to schedule inspections.  Additional instructions