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Oak Decline

Information will be kept confidential. We may email or call to clarify information or if the damage reported is unusual or significant.
Oak Family: There are two families: white oaks and red oaks. White oaks have smooth leaf edges or margins. Red oaks have bristle tips at the end of the lobes. If not oak trees or unknown leave bank and attach photos.
Site Conditions: forest area, forest edge, swampy area, dry site such as a hilltop, lawn area, etc. be descriptive.
15: DBH or smaller
16 -30” DB
30” or larger

DBH or Diameter at Breast Height is measured at 4.5” from the base of the tree. DBH is the standard place to measure trees worldwide. An easy way is to get the circumference with a tape measure and divide by pi or 3.14
Upload Photo: Take a photo of the trees from a distance and an up close photo of the bark, leaves, and twigs. Set your phone or camera to geolocation. We can then use the photo to locate the tree based on the coordinates from the photo.