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Academy Staff

Division Chief Lisa Mayers
(410) 222-8360
Captain Timothy Gunderson (Operations Officer)
(410) 222-8360
Responsibilities: NFA Coordinator, ATRA Certification Manager, Professional Qualifications Manager, Instructor Credentialing.
Debbie Lloyd (Secretary)
(410) 222-8360
Responsibilities: Training Records Database, Transcripts and Student Applications.
Firefighter V Donny Clime (Logistics Officer)
(410) 222-0890
Responsibilities: Phase II Training, Curriculum development, Instructor.
Lieutenant Joel Dixon (Special Projects)
(410) 222-8364
Responsibilities: In-Service Skills Coordinator, OSHA Compliance, AOC Database, Proficiency Promotions, All You Need to Ride Program (AYNTR), VA Benefits, Apprentice Program, Driver’s License (EVO) program, Donated structures and vehicles.
Lieutenant John Shoemaker (Planning Officer)
(410) 222-0889
Responsibilities: Career Recruit Program Coordinator, Program Development, Audio Visual technology Specialist, Professional Development Coordinator, MFRI Coordinator, Facilities Scheduling.
Lt. Cory Polidore (EMS Training Coordinator)
(410) 222-8335
Responsibilities: College Program Management, National Registry Testing, Maryland Protocol Review and Testing, Ride Along Scheduling, American Heart Association ("AHA") training center coordinator, National Registry and MIEMSS compliance/auditing, ACLS instructor initial and re-certification.
Firefighter/EMTP James Clopein (ALS Training Coordinator)
(410) 222-8343
Responsibilities: Career EMT-I and EMT-P re-certification coordinator, RSI education coordinator, Podcast development, EMS website manager.
Firefighter/EMTP Jeannie Hannas (Quality Improvement Coordinator)
(410) 222-0862
Responsibilities: ALS orientation program, ACLS coordinator, ALS preceptor development, QI liaison, ALS education.
Firefighter/EMTP Liese Williams (BLS Training Coordinator)
(410) 222-8345
Responsibilities: MFRI EMT-Basic, Career EMT-Basic initial and re-certification coordinator, MIEMSS Operational Program Affiliation Authorization/verification.
Firefighter/EMTP Autumn Snyder (CPR Coordinator)
(410) 222-8337
Responsibilities: CPR initial and re-certification coordinator, CPR Instructor initial and re-certification, American Heart Association recordkeeping and compliance, and Citizen CPR program.
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