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The mission of the Fire & Explosives Investigation Unit is to:
  • Investigate undetermined, suspicious or incendiary fires and conduct post blast investigation
  • Investigate or be notified of all sudden deaths or injuries which occur as a result of fire
  • Enforce all County and State laws that pertains to fire investigation and arson
  • Keep up-to-date records of fire causes investigated by the Investigation Section
  • Keep a current file on known arsonists in the area
  • Coordinate all cases with the State’s Attorney’s Office
  • Prepare and train Police and Firefighters in new developments in arson and fire investigation
  • Conduct internal and background investigations
  • Act as a liaison with other agencies when requested on possible explosive devices
  • Respond to reports of suspicious packages and secure items

If you have any information regarding fires or explosive incidents, please call (410) 222-TIPS!