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About Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal Division is responsible for the enforcement of the Fire Laws of Maryland, provisions of the Maryland State Fire Prevention Code and Anne Arundel County Fire Prevention Code. The Division:

  • Conducts fire safety inspections of existing structures to assure conformance with the Maryland State Fire Prevention Code and the Anne Arundel County Fire Prevention Code

  • Conducts inspections on new fire protections systems and buildings under construction or portions thereof in accordance with permits issued, for compliance with the State and County Fire Prevention Code

  • Conducts inspections of facilities for compliance with State and County licensing requirements

  • Investigates complaints and conduct inspections regarding reported fire safety hazards in existing structures

  • Maintains records of fire safety inspections

  • Reviews plans for subdivisions in accordance with applicable codes and regulations

  • Coducts investigations of fire events when necessary


Background & Authority

The State Public Safety Article, Title 6, Subtitle 3 establishes the Office of the State Fire Marshal and provides for the local appointment of an Assistant State Fire Marshal (County Fire Chief) who designates Special Assistant State Fire Marshals (Fire/Explosives Investigators), who serve at the pleasure of the State Fire Marshal, to carry out the provisions of this article.
On August 3, 1972, under authority of Article 5, Section 547 of the Anne Arundel County Charter, the Fire Department was granted the power to investigate all fires of suspicious origin and to make arrests where appropriate. 
Under Article 15 Title 3 - Fire Prevention Code, the Fire Chief, and other personnel as are designated, have the same general police powers, including arrest powers, as sworn members of the Anne Arundel County Police Department for the express purpose of enforcing any fire safety law in effect in this county. Under the power granted in these Articles the Division Chief of the Fire Marshal’s Division and personnel assigned to the Investigation Section are authorized to carry an approved firearm both on and off duty.

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