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EMS Patient Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Anne Arundel County Fire Department (AAFD) EMS Patient Satisfaction Survey. We value your input and are extremely interested in learning more about your recent experience with AAFD EMS. The Patient Satisfaction Survey should take approximately five minutes to complete. If you would like to include your contact information, space is provided at the end of the survey.
Please rate your recent experience with AAFD EMS. For each statement, check the circle that corresponds to the level of care you received. If a question does not apply, please select N/A. Space is provided at the end of the survey to offer additional comments.
Please check the circle that best describes your experience.
Courtesy of the 911 call operator.
Usefulness of instruction provided by the 911 call operator prior to the arrival of AAFD EMS personnel.
Professionalism and appearance of AAFD EMS personnel
AAFD EMS personnel's knowledge of your complaint.
Quality of care provided by AAFD EMS personnel.
Concern AAFD EMS personnel showed for your questions or worries.
Concern AAFD EMS personnel showed for the needs of your family and friends.
Degree to which AAFD EMS personnel explained the procedures they performed in a manner that you could understand.
Cleanliness of the ambulance and equipment.
Overall satisfaction with the service you received from AAFD EMS.
Contact Information (Optional)
Would you like to be contacted by AAFD EMS regarding this survey?