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Current Tax Rates


FY 2019 (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019) Property Tax Rates

All rates shown are per $100 of assessment
Real PropertyCounty RateState RateMunicipality RateTotal
Anne Arundel County*0.9020.112-1.0140
City of Annapolis0.5410.1120.73801.3910
Town of Highland Beach0.8720.1120.20311.1871
Personal Property
County RateState Rate**Municipality RateTotal
Anne Arundel County*2.255--2.2550
City of Annapolis1.352-1.94003.2920
Town of Highland Beach2.180-0.50782.6878

* Anne Arundel County excluding the City of Annapolis and the Town of Highland Beach 

** Public utility operating real property is subject to a 0.280 State Tax per $100 of the full assessed value