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Mail Delivery Delays

Postal Service delays may have resulted in late fee assessments on quarterly utility bills. The Department of Public Works and the Office of Finance is aware of the issue and will waive late fees for payments mailed in and postmarked prior to the due date deadline. If you received a late fee and believe it is in error, please call 410-222-1144 or email [email protected]

To review your most current utility bill and ensure accurate billing, please visit the County’s online at Utility Billing portal.


Current Tax Rates


FY 2021 (July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021) Property Tax Rates

All rates shown are per $100 of assessment
Real PropertyCounty RateState RateMunicipality RateTotal
Anne Arundel County*0.9340.112-1.046
City of Annapolis0.5600.1120.7381.410
Town of Highland Beach0.9040.1120.1501.166
Personal Property
County RateState Rate**Municipality RateTotal
Anne Arundel County*2.335--2.335
City of Annapolis1.400-1.9403.340
Town of Highland Beach2.260-0.3752.635

* Anne Arundel County excluding the City of Annapolis and the Town of Highland Beach 

** Public utility operating real property is subject to a 0.280 State Tax per $100 of the full assessed value