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About Office of Finance

The Anne Arundel County Office of Finance, headed by the County Controller, bills and collects most of Anne Arundel County’s revenues, oversees the expenditure of funds in accordance with approved operating and capital budgets, invests funds, and accounts for all revenues and expenditures.  The Office issues debt and provides a range of financial services to County departments.  The Office of Finance produces Anne Arundel County’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and the disclosure statements used by investors who purchase the County’s debt issuances.

The Office is dedicated to managing the County's finances in an efficient and responsible manner, providing excellent customer service to our citizens, and protecting financial assets.   The Office seeks to build partnerships with other County Departments and the public by sharing knowledge and providing clear, timely information concerning financial activities within the County.  We deliver customer focused service that is accessible, user friendly, respectful and efficient. 

Karin McQuade