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Department of Detention Facilities Vision & Mission

Public Safety Core Group Vision

Our vision is that Anne Arundel County will be the safest large jurisdiction in Maryland; that our citizens will be protected from criminals, fires, medical emergencies and disasters of all types, both natural and man-made; that our citizens will be supported if they are victims of crime, emergencies or disasters; and that we will assist other jurisdictions in their efforts to improve public safety.


Mission of the Department of Detention

Our mission is to:

  • confine pretrial detainees and convicted offenders in accredited, safe and secure facilities
  • provide alternatives to incarceration
  • administer programs that maintain and improve the health, education levels and work skills of convicted offenders in order to return them to the community in better condition than when they entered their terms of confinement
  • administer mental health services that provide optimal care, and
  • be a national leader in protecting the public from crime and victimization.