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Mission, Vision & Values


The Department of Detention Facilities provides for the public safety by the detention and confinement of arrestees, pretrial detainees and convicted offenders in safe and secure facilities; monitors alternatives to incarceration; and prepares inmates for community reentry.


To establish a Detention culture where accountability at all levels (Administration, Officers, Civilian Staff, Contractors, Volunteers, Detainees/Offenders) is reflected in our conduct and to create an environment of professionalism, compassion, collaboration and dedication.

Core Values

§ Respect – where we shall behave with the utmost respect in all personal and professional interactions.

§ Diversity – where we shall value those of different races, ethnicities, gender and sexual orientation, as well as value different ideas, cultures and beliefs and the contributions that those differences bring to the Department.

§ Accountability – where we shall be responsible for all actions that lead to the achievement of the Department’s mission.

§ Integrity – where we shall be honest and consistent in character with regard to the values, beliefs and principles of the Department.

§ Commitment – where we shall conduct ourselves in a manner that demonstrates dedication to the Department’s mission.

§ Collaboration – where we shall work with others and communicate with all stakeholders to achieve common goals for the larger benefit of the Department and County.

§ Courage – where we shall act in a manner that displays physical, moral, ethical and social courage in the face of challenges and difficult decisions.

§ Innovation – where we shall explore and be open to all ideas and opportunities for improvement.

§ Inclusion – where we shall create an environment in which individuals are treated respectfully and valued precisely because of their uniqueness.

§ Transparency – where we shall be open and honest in our communications and in our obligation to share information.