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Inmate Records

Generally, inmates will be allowed to review the material contained in their institutional files.  Following are the exceptions:
  1. Pre-Sentence Investigations  -  PSIs in the case for which the inmate is incarcerated may be reviewed.  PSIs in other cases must be requested through the Division of Parole & Probation.
  2. Psychological/Psychiatric Consultation or Evaluation - May only be reviewed with an institutional psychologist or psychiatrist present and upon receipt of written authorization from the agency/individual that conducted the evaluation. If the psychologist, psychiatrist or agency refuses to provide written authorization, the request to review the evaluation will be denied.  Any appeal must be directed to the individual or agency who refused to release the material.
  3. Medical Records  -  May be reviewed in the presence of the Facility’s physician or designee.
  4. Pre-Parole Reports  -  May be reviewed only with the Division of Parole & Probation.
  5. Criminal History Records - Must be requested through the Maryland Criminal Justice Information System.
  6. Classification and Commitment Files  -  May be reviewed with the Supervisor of the appropriate unit, except for criminal history information, information obtained from references, or victim information after Facility Administrator approval.

To request to review records, a Request form must be submitted to the Assistant Facility Administrator–Inmate Services.  Within 10 working days, the Assistant Administrator will authorize the review or will respond in writing, explaining the reasons for disapproving the review.  To receive copies of records, a request must be submitted to the Facility Administrator.

If at any time the inmate believes or can prove that information in their institutional file(s) is incorrect, they may request a review, correction, or expungement of the record.  A request to amend a record must be made, in writing, to the Assistant Facility Administrator–Inmate Services and must include the reasons believed for it to be incorrect.  The Assistant Administrator will review the matter and if the record is incorrect, will order the necessary changes.  If no error or discrepancy is substantiated, he/she will notify, in writing.

Should the inmate wish for their attorney or another party to review their records, the following must occur:

  1. Submit a Release of Information form, signed by the inmate requesting that a specific person be allowed access to specific information from the records.
  2. Their attorney must schedule an appointment by contacting the Facility Administrator or Assistant Facility Administrator at least 24 hours in advance.  Appointments for this purpose are only available during normal business hours.
  3. Their attorney must provide proper identification.
  4. The records must be reviewed in the presence of an AACDDF employee.

Should a request to have copies of certain records be released to an attorney or other party, they must submit a request to the Assistant Facility Administrator–Inmate Services and will be required to sign a "Release of Information" form.