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Transition Committees

County Executive Pittman and his team have established seven committees as part of the transition process.   These committees will review citizen input and work with County Staff to ensure a smooth and effective transition.   Click on a committee below to learn more. 

  • Guiding Principles for Transition Recommendations
    Each of the committees is asked to consider the following principles when reviewing the government’s current systems and preparing final recommendations for the new administration. Anne Arundel County is….
    • Diverse and Inclusive: Anne Arundel County government should represent the communities and citizens that it serves both internally (employment) and externally (programs) and aim to advance equity for all people of the county.
    • Responsive to Communities: The voters elected Steuart based on his vision for a more participatory and transparent government. Recommendations should reflect that vision and the needs of the broader community, not just small subsets of citizens.
    • An Economic Engine: Services to citizens can only be provided when resources are available and each recommendation should consider how to best utilize existing resources while growing new sources of non-tax revenue to provide these services. Economic development and public/private partnerships are key to our success.
    • Fiscally and Environmentally Responsible: Resources of all types (taxpayer dollars, grants, natural resources, human resources, etc.) will be used prudently and recommendations should be both feasible in the short-term and sustainable for the long-term.
    • The Best Place: Anne Arundel County is already a great place to live, learn, work, play, visit, or engage in any other activity you enjoy, but there is always room for improvement. Committees are charged with making recommendations that can improve the lives of citizens today, tomorrow, and in the future.
  • Transition Update and Community Comments

    Prior to inauguration, we asked you to share the most pressing needs in the county, and you delivered. 

    Almost 1500 responses were received in just 3 weeks. Over 70 pages of comments have been forwarded to 7 Transition Committees, which are charged with making recommendations to improve Anne Arundel County government.  A final report will be available March 1st.    

    • 599 citizens expressed interest in serving on a transition committee or volunteering. 
    • 150 were invited to serve on a transition committee  
    • 101 sent in resumes 
    • 16 position were available 

    Other ways to stay engaged: 

    • Apply to serve on a board or commission 
    • Attend our town halls and community forums 
    • Budget hearings in March 
    • GDP meetings in the summer 
    • Others throughout the year 
    • Spread our message to your communities and organizations 
    • Request a representative from the County Executive’s Office to attend your events

    Summary of comments | Memo from the Chief of Staff


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