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Native American Heritage Month

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November is National Native American Heritage Month. 

To honor Native Americans' achievements and contributions, we observe Native American Heritage Month in November. 

The American continent is vast and has a variety of cultures that date back thousands of years. Indigenous peoples' histories, cultures, and heritage are evident in all national parks. Each November during Native American Heritage Month and throughout the year, the National Park Service shares history and culture of America's indigenous peoples.

Dr. Arthur Caswell Parker, a member of the Cattaraugus Seneca tribe and director of the Rochester Museum in New York, was one of the first to advocate for a day to honor Native Americans.  Dr. Parker's great-uncle served as the first Native American Commissioner of Indian affairs at the federal level during the Civil War.
Since 1990, the United States president has proclaimed November "National Native American Heritage Month". Similar proclamations (including "National American Indian Heritage Month" and "National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month") have been issued yearly since 1994. 

As part of National Native American Heritage Month, the United States honors the histories, contributions, and livelihoods of Native Americans and Alaskan Natives. This event is an opportunity to teach people about tribes, their cultures, traditions, and languages. Everyone is urged to take this opportunity to highlight the unique challenges Native people face today as well as the ways in which tribal citizens have overcome them.

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Detail of Utes--Chief Sevara [i.e. Severo] and family.

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Detail of Indian court, Federal Building, Golden Gate International Exposition.

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Detail of Rabbit Hunt ca. 1940 By Pablita Velarde Casein paint on masonite.

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Sometimes, During a Summer Storm, Her Hair Ran with Rainbows 1992 By Kevin Peters Acrylic on canvas.

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Native Americans from Southeastern Idaho.

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Taos Pueblo 1935-36 By Helmut Naumer, Sr. Pastel, paper. H. 30.5, L. 47.0 cm Bandelier National Monument, BAND 1408.


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