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Hispanic Heritage Month

The National Council of Hispanic Employment Program Managers (NCHEPM)

Announced the 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month observance theme: “Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation”  Please click here to read the press release.

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month, which is observed annually between September 15th and October 15th, celebrates the history, culture, and contributions of Hispanic Americans. The observance started in 1968, when President Lyndon Johnson authorized the Hispanic Heritage Week. It was expanded to a month by President Ronald Reagan in 1988. The dates recognize that seven Latin American countries - Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua - celebrate their independence in mid-September.

The Hispanic Presence in Anne Arundel County

Latin Americans have been in “America” since the early 1800’s, when the United States annexed Florida, Louisiana, and parts of Mexico. Subsequent expansion of U.S. territories, combined with waves of immigration from the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and Europe have steadily increased the number of Hispanic Americans throughout the country.

Anne Arundel County, Maryland's estimated population is 590,367 with a growth rate of 0.63% in the past year according to the most recent United States census data. Anne Arundel County, Maryland is the 4th largest county in Maryland.

And the Hispanic/Latino community as the largest demographic group has grown the most according to 2020 Census data. 9.7% of the total population.

There are just under 57,000 Hispanics/Latinos are living in Anne Arundel County.

They come from a variety of backgrounds and living situations, they tend to be younger than the rest of the population, and they are a mix of second and third generation immigrants as well as recent immigrants.

A significant portion of the immigrant community comes from Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras) the Caribbean and a growing number come from Mexico.

Many Anne Arundel Latinos are employed in essential industries such as construction, restaurants, agriculture, and seafood. And within these industries, more and more are striking out on their own and starting their own company. Construction, restaurants, legal and tax offices and cleaning companies are the majority.

And they are the driving force behind the economy of our county.




The Hispanic population of the United States as of July 1, 2018 was 59.9 million. Which made persons of Hispanic origin the largest ethnic or racial minority in the country.

As of July 1, 2018, Hispanics made up 18.3% of the country's total population.

The explosive growth of the Hispanic population was one of the jumping findings of the 2020 U.S. Census.

There are 62.1 million Hispanics in the country, representing 18.7% of the population.

The State of Maryland reflects 729,745 Hispanic Latinos, or 11.8% of the total population of the State.

8,610,991 Hispanic Latinos residing in the state of Maryland


Language of Anne Arundel County, Maryland

88.6% of Anne Arundel County, Maryland residents speak only English, while 11.41% speak other languages.

The largest non-English language spoken by the largest group is Spanish, which is spoken by 5.5% of the population.




  • Virtual Community Forum for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Virtual Community Forum is a virtual introduction to our community, from our community leaders and organizations that work to serve them.

Every Wednesday from 3:00 to 3:30 PM.

Broadcast live via facebook Live from Anne Arundel County's Facebook page and shared in various community groups.

Wednesdays, 15th, 21st, 28th, October 05th and 12th.

With the Consulates of México, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.


  1. September 14th = Guatemalan Consulate

  2. September 21st = El Salvador Consulate

  3. September 28th = Honduras Consulate

  4. October 5th = México Consulate

  5. October 12th a recap of the activities.

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Hispanic Heritage Month Annual Series of Business Talks, September 15th through October 15th.

Conducted with the support of County Executive Steuart Pittman’s Office of Multicultural Affairs in coordination and sponsored by the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation and supported by the Small Business Development Center.

Will feature a dynamic conversation with four experienced business advisors and Hispanic entrepreneurs who will focus on helping small business owners improve their access to financing for business growth, they will learn how to get contracts in our County,

Marketing Strategies for their business and what they need to be ready to apply for a grant.

View Talks Flyers

HHM 2022 Theme Poster
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Anne Arundel County's Hispanic Heritage Month Proclamation Boletím Informativo

Hispanic Heritage Month Events

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