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Dallas G. Pace, Sr. Humanitarian Award

Announcement of Nominations for the

Anne Arundel County Human Relations Commission

2019 Dallas G. Pace, Sr. Humanitarian Award

I. Purpose

A.        To recognize the achievements of or contributions made, by any person who has significantly enhanced the realization of Human Relations objectives/goals for the betterment of the people of Anne Arundel County.

B.         To encourage Anne Arundel County residents of racial, religious, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups to aggressively work toward a better quality of life for the citizens of this county.

C.         To highlight the outstanding major and minor community benefits which can be derived from the efforts of truly caring citizens who work for those goals through individual initiative.

II. Eligibility

A.        Any individual who makes a significant contribution to promoting human relations in Anne Arundel County.

B.         Nominee may be any employed or unemployed person, organizational volunteer, County, State or Private industry/business employee. Term employee includes self-employed persons.

III. Submission

A.        Nominations must be submitted on the 2019 Entry Form, preferably typewritten.

B.         2019 Entry Forms will be received by the The Arundel Center.  Attn: Sarah Beardsley, 44 Calvert Street, Annapolis, MD 21401.  Entry forms may also be downloaded from the County’s website at  

Please call (410) 222-1821 for more information and to request an entry form by mail.

IV. Selection Criteria and Procedures

A.        Designated committee composed of Anne Arundel County Human Relations

Commissioners will review written nominations received on the basis of actual accomplishment; demonstrated devotion and commitment to the community project or program; amount of personal time expended; type of other resources used to achieve the goal; creativity and initiative; overall benefit to the community; and surpassed obstacles to achievement.