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Public Water Access

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kayak in water
Anne Arundel County's rivers, streams and coves form 533 miles of shoreline. Select a fun and exciting water activity on the County's waterways.
Boat Ramp Location Study
An engineering study has been completed identifying and evaluating potential future sites to locate public trailered boat ramps.

Public Water Access

Anne Arundel County has 533 miles of waterfront but negligible public water access on most of its rivers. Many people seek to live in Anne Arundel County because of its vast waterfront and are then surprised to find the extent to which this public resource has become privatized and unavailable to the majority of the public. Public water access may range from thin access, such as a public waterfront view or walkable beach, to thick access, such as cartop or trailer able boat access. Both thin and thick public water access are remarkably limited in Anne Arundel County, as evidenced by a report issued by the National Park Service comparing Anne Arundel County to other counties on the Chesapeake Bay.

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