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Bill 67-17

AN ORDINANCE concerning: Zoning and Construction and Property Maintenance Codes Supplement – Construction Code Administrative Provisions – Agritourism – Permits – Agricultural Buildings

Legislative Day 35
Introduced by by Mr. Grasso, Chairman (by request of the County Executive) and by Mr. Walker, Mr. Trumbauer, and Mr. Peroutka
FOR the purpose of defining certain terms; allowing agritourism as a conditional use in certain residential districts; allowing pets, livestock or fowl under certain circumstances in certain commercial and industrial districts; allowing nurseries with landscaping and plant sales as a conditional use in certain open space districts; establishing the conditional use requirement for agritourism; amending the conditional use requirements for stables or riding clubs; exempting certain agricultural buildings from the building permit requirements of the Construction Code; and generally relating to zoning and the Construction Code.
Introduced: 7/17/2017
Passed: 9/5/2017