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Council Meetings Notice - Arundel Center Construction
Due to ongoing construction, the public entrance to the Arundel Center has been relocated to the Northwest Street lower level entrance. Meeting attendees, after screening, will be directed to take the elevators to the first floor.
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Bill 30-16

AN ORDINANCE concerning: Zoning – Alcoholic Beverage Uses and Package Goods Stores (Hearing Concluded)(Eligible for Vote)

Legislative Day 19
Introduced by Mr. Fink, Chairman (by request of the County Executive)
FOR the purpose of defining “package goods store”; amending the designation of alcoholic beverage uses allowed as accessory to other uses in residential, maritime, mixed use and open space zoning districts; allowing “package goods stores” as conditional uses in mixed use districts; making a technical change to the conditional use requirement for alcoholic beverage uses in a video lottery facility; and generally relating to zoning.
Introduced: 4/18/2016