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Bill 24-14

AN ORDINANCE concerning: Tax Levies - Special Community Benefit Districts, Shore Erosion Control Districts, and Waterways Improvement Districts

Legislative Day 10
Introduced by Introduced by Mr. Grasso, Chairman (by request of the County Executive)
FOR the purpose of'levying and imposing the tax rates for special community benefit districts, shore erosion control districts, and waterways improvement districts required by the County Budget for Fiscal Year 2015.

WHEREAS,. Section 710( c) of the Charter provides that, when the County Budget
shall have been finally adopted in the Annual Budget and Appropriation Ordinance,
the County Council shall thereupon.levy and cause to be raised the amount of taxes
required by the Budget; and

WHEREAS, the County Budget has finally been adopted, and the County Council has determined that taxes in the following amounts are required to fund the
appropriations for the following districts; now, therefore,

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the County Council of Anne Arundel County, Mmyland,

Introduced: 5/1/2014