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Bill 68-19

AN ORDINANCE concerning: Subdivision and Development-Forest Conservation

Legislative Day 35
Introduced by Mr. Pruski, Chairman (by request of the County Executive) and by Ms. Rodvien
FOR the purpose of modifying forest conservation provisions; grandfathering certain applications and permits; establishing standards for granting modifications to forest conservation requirements; revising the exceptions to the requirements for modifications to special priority retention areas; revising the requirements for forest stand delineations and forest conservation plans; revising the forest conservation thresholds applicable to reforestation; modifying reforestation ratios for clearing above a threshold; revising fees and security related to forest conservation; and generally relating to subdivision and development. 
Introduced: 9/3/2019
Amended: 10/21/2019
Amended: 11/4/2019
Passed: 11/18/2019