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Council Meetings Notice - Arundel Center Construction
Due to ongoing construction, the public entrance to the Arundel Center has been relocated to the Northwest Street lower level entrance. Meeting attendees, after screening, will be directed to take the elevators to the first floor.
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Bill 78-18

AN ORDINANCE concerning: Subdivision and Development - Roads - Multi-Modal Transportation

Legislative Session 35
Introduced by by Mr. Peroutka, Chairman (by request of the County Executive) and by Mr. Trumbauer
FOR the purpose of adding a multi-modal transportation component to County subdivision and development policies and processes; defining certain terms; amending County subdivision and development procedures to include bicycle, pedestrian, and transit assessment; exempting certain subdivisions and developments from the requirement of a bicycle, pedestrian, and transit assessment; amending provisions for mitigation of adequate public facilities to ensure compatibility with multi-modal transportation infrastructure; amending the road design provisions to include multi-modal transportation options; permitting shared-use paths to satisfy certain open space and recreation area requirements; adding the design requirements for bikeways and shared-use paths; adding provisions for bicycle, pedestrian, and transit infrastructure in subdivision and development; providing cost caps and fee-in-lieu options for certain for certain bicycle, pedestrian, and transit infrastructure requirements; providing for the application of this Ordinance; and generally relating to subdivision and development. 
Introduced: 7/18/2018
Amended: 9/17/2018
Passed: 10/1/2018