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Bill 76-19

AN ORDINANCE concerning: Public Works - County Rights-of-way- Zoning- Small Cell Systems

Legislative Day 36
Introduced by Mr. Pruski, Chairman (by request of the County Executive)
FOR the purpose of defining a "small cell system" for County right-of-way permits; establishing additional requirements for small cell systems locating in County rights- of-way; modifying when permits for work in County rights-of-way are not needed; modifying the scope of permits for maintenance work in County rights-of-way; amending the zoning definition of "commercial telecommunication facility" to exclude small cell systems; adding a zoning definition of "small cell system"; requiring certificates of use for small cell systems; establishing fees for permits for small cell systems in County rights-of-way; adding small cell systems as a conditional use in certain zoning districts; establishing the conditional use requirements for a small cell system; and generally relating to public works and zoning. 
Introduced: 9/16/2019
Passed: 11/4/2019