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Bill 34-17

AN ORDINANCE concerning: Licenses – Towing Companies – Police-initiated Tows (Hearing Concluded) (Eligible for Vote)

Legislative Day 32
Introduced by by Mr. Grasso, Mr. Walker, Mr. Pruski and Mr. Smith

FOR the purpose of defining certain terms; repealing provisions allowing for the creation of rules, regulations, and procedures applicable to certain licensed towing companies; allowing forms be used to regulate certain licensed towing companies; amending certain licensing provisions related to the marking and inspection of tow trucks, qualification of tow truck drivers, and additional standards for police towers; adding a provision related to the storage of police-initiated tows; revising provisions for inspection and release of towed vehicles and personal property in towed vehicles; amending provisions related to the tow rotation list and dispatch procedures related to police-initiated tows from rotation list calls; adding certain administrative procedures for companies performing police-initiated tows; requiring certain equipment be kept on tow trucks used for police-initiated tows; establishing procedures for handling debris, unclaimed vehicles, and complaints; and generally relating to the licensing of certain towing companies performing towing at the request of the Police Department.

Introduced: 4/17/2017
Amended: 6/5/2017
Amended: 7/3/2017
Defeated: 7/17/2017