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Bill 83-19

AN ORDINANCE concerning: Licenses – Towing Companies – Nonconsensual Towing – Storage Facilities and Redemption Areas – Blanket Authorizations to Tow

Legislative Day 39
Introduced by Mr. Pruski and Mr. Volke
FOR the purpose of adding definitions of "redemption area" and "storage facility";  requiring licensed companies that perform nonconsensual tows to maintain storage and redemption areas in the County; allowing a parking lot owner or operator, the agent of the owner or operator, or the duly designated agent of a community to provide a blanket authorization to tow or remove all unpermitted vehicles from restricted access parking lots when signs are posted; making technical corrections; and generally relating to licenses. 
Introduced: 11/4/2019
Amended: 12/2/2019
Amended: 12/16/2019
Passed: 1/6/2020