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Council Meetings Notice - Arundel Center Construction
Due to ongoing construction, the public entrance to the Arundel Center has been relocated to the Northwest Street lower level entrance. Meeting attendees, after screening, will be directed to take the elevators to the first floor.
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Bill 8-17

AN ORDINANCE concerning: Article 8 – Purchasing

Legislative Day 6
Introduced by by Mr. Grasso, Chairman (by request of the County Executive)
FOR the purpose of defining and amending certain terms; clarifying the applicability and purposes of the Article; modifying the rules of construction and the duties of the Purchasing Agent; making persons violating provisions of the Article personally responsible for costs incurred for an unauthorized purchase; adding and relocating provisions relating to procurement contracts; changing the name of the “Purchasing Manual” to “Purchasing Regulations” and modifying who may approve amendments; amending and adding cooperative and piggyback procurement provisions; modifying advertising requirements for competitive procurements; discouraging collusive bidding; modifying bid  bond requirements; requiring posting of a summary of certain information read at bid opening; modifying when and how a final bid tabulation shall be posted; modifying how tie bids will be resolved; removing requirement to award within seven days of bid opening; modifying method of evaluation of certain bids; modifying grounds for waiving formalities and curing defects in bids; adding a provision relating to mistakes in bids; removing reference to a list of potential offerors no longer maintained by Purchasing Agent; adding provisions for demonstrations or testing as part of competitive sealed proposal process; modifying provisions relating to small procurements; modifying certain provisions relating to sole source procurements; modifying provisions relating to emergency purchases outside business hours; modifying the definition of “expedited procurement”; providing that the Purchasing Agent may approve expedited procurements with approval of Central Services Officer and Chief Administrative Officer; clarifying how expedited procurements may be awarded; providing that providers of professional services shall be licensed as otherwise required; modifying amounts paid to vendors when contracts are terminated; clarifying when cost-plus-percentage-of-cost contracts may be used; modifying who may approve award of capital improvement contracts; requiring all contracts to provide for County access to contractor records for audit and verification; modifying applicability of, required language of, and remedies for violation of non-discrimination clauses in contracts; modifying requirements for bonding of construction contracts; modifying when a County employee can acquire surplus goods; adding information regarding bids or offers to be posted on the County website; repealing the recycled paper requirement, eliminating the Advisory Committee on Standardization; modifying County, State and federal law references; making certain stylistic changes; and generally relating to purchasing.
Introduced: 1/17/2017
Hearing: 2/21/2017
Amended: 3/6/2017
Passed: 3/20/2017