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County Council Meetings - New Start Time and New Participation Option
Starting on September 8, 2020 County Council meetings will begin at 6:00 P.M. and live testimony will be allowed during virtual meetings
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Bill 86-20

AN ORDINANCE concerning: Subdivision and Development – Subdivision – Site Development – Plan Review Timelines and Requirements

Legislative Day 28
Introduced by Ms. Pickard, Chair (by request of the County Executive)
FOR the purpose of amending the time periods for certain development applications  re-submittals; amending the applicability of Site Development Plans and providing for exemptions; amending the contents required in a preliminary plan; amending the process for delivering comments to developers throughout the site development approval process; amending the scope and applicability of the Site Development Plan requirements; amending the contents of the Site Development Plan application; requiring reservation of land for public facilities during the Site Development Plan process; extending the time requirements for duration of approval for adequate public facility testing for certain subdivisions, preliminary plans or site development plans; and generally relating to subdivision and development.
Introduced: 10/5/2020
Hearing: 11/2/2020