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Bill 72-21

AN ORDINANCE concerning: Purchasing – Capital Improvement Contracts – Prevailing Wage and Local Hiring

Legislative Day 17
Introduced by Ms. Lacey, Chair (by request of the County Executive) and by Ms. Pickard, Ms. Lacey, Mr. Pruski, and Ms. Rodvien
FOR the purpose of establishing prevailing wage and local hiring provisions applicable to specific types of capital improvement contracts; defining certain terms; adding the types of capital improvement contracts to which prevailing wage provisions apply; allowing wage deductions in specific instances; requiring capital improvement contracts to include specific terms; adding worksite notice requirements; requiring maintenance of certain records relating to prevailing wage requirements; allowing audits and investigations of complaints of violations of prevailing wage requirements; adding local hiring requirements; adding reporting requirements for prevailing wage and local hiring data; establishing penalties for violations of prevailing wage and local hiring provisions; providing for the applicability of this Ordinance; providing for a delayed effective date; and generally relating to purchasing.
Introduced: 9/7/2021
Amended: 10/4/2021
Passed: 10/4/2021