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Bill 66-21

AN ORDINANCE concerning: Zoning – Parking, Nonresidential Outdoor Lighting, and Signage – Prohibited Signs and Temporary Signs (Hearing and eligible for vote on September 20, 2021)

Legislative Day 14
Introduced by Ms. Haire
FOR the purpose of amending the definition of “sign”; allowing wind signs and signs painted on the roof of a structure; repealing the limitation on temporary real estate and construction signs; allowing temporary signs for particular uses to exceed the normal size; limiting the number of temporary signs allowed on a private property; allowing temporary signs to be displayed for a certain period of time; making technical changes; and generally relating to zoning.
Introduced: 6/21/2021
Amended: 7/19/2021
Amended: 9/7/2021
Passed: 9/20/2021