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Bill 45-20

AN ORDINANCE concerning: Licenses and Registrations – Short-term Residential Rentals

Legislative Day 22
Introduced by Ms. Rodvien
FOR the purpose of rescinding a requirement that a host provide a phone number to hosting 4 platforms to verify approval of a registration; rescinding a requirement that hosting 5 platforms verify the registration of a host under certain circumstances; requiring a 6 hosting platform to have a registration field for hosts to input their registration numbers; 7 requiring a hosting platform to remove listings as promptly as possible after learning 8 from the Department or the host that a registration has been rescinded or revoked; 9 rescinding a prohibition against the hosting platform’s collection of rent when a 10 dwelling cannot be lawfully used as a short-term residential rental; prohibiting the 11 hosting platform from taking certain action if the host has failed to enter a registration 12 number in the registration field; providing for a certain stay of enforcement of certain 13 provisions of this Ordinance; and generally relating to short-term residential rentals.
Introduced: 6/1/2020
Passed: 7/6/2020