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Bill 44-20

AN ORDINANCE concerning: Personnel – Classified Service; Exempt Service

Legislative Day 22
Introduced by Ms. Pickard, Chair (by request of the County Executive)
FOR the purpose of adding new pay schedules for certain classified employees; providing 3 the method for certain classified employees to move to a new pay schedule; providing 4 for increases in pay for certain employees; providing for lump sum payments for certain 5 employees; modifying pay upon promotion; modifying pay upon movement between 6 pay schedules; making certain employees eligible for on-call pay; making certain 7 employees eligible for flight pay; adding an allowance for foreign language services 8 for certain employees; modifying carry over leave for certain employees; modifying 9 leave conversion for certain employees; confirming applicability of certain terms 10 related to pay in memoranda of agreements; providing for the application of this 11 Ordinance; and generally relating to personnel.
Introduced: 6/1/2020
Passed: 7/6/2020