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Call to Artists

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Anne Arundel County, Maryland invites artists to submit proposals for public art to be displayed in Annapolis, Maryland on County property. The County is seeking murals and sculptures that beautify and enhance the historic significance and honor the achievements of the community. 

The Sites

The County has selected the following sites for possible installation and display of art.

Whitmore Garage (37 Clay Street, Annapolis) – Wall facing Calvert Street:  The Garage structure itself cannot sustain paint directly applied to the surface; however, the County is seeking creative art installations that can be affixed or wrap the exterior of the structure without damaging the structural integrity of the garage itself.  Designs shall coordinate and enhance, not detract from recent park renovations.

Whitemore Parking Garage


44 Calvert Street, AnnapolisWall facing Gotts Garage and overlooking a County parking lot:  The County is interested in a mural or other art to be attached to the wall of the Arundel Center. 

County Council Parking Lot  


44 Calvert Street, Annapolis There are four horizontal sections on the outer wall of the Arundel Center, facing 45 Calvert Street.  Murals, panels, or other art installations can be affixed to the wall.  

Arundel Center


Whitmore Park (37 Clay Street, Annapolis)After recent renovations to the Park, the County left 6 sites available for sculptures.  The locations have space limitations including specific heights for proposed sculptures.  See schematic on page 5 showing possible sculpture locations.

Map of Whitemore Park


Whitmore Park (37 Clay Street, Annapolis) – red retaining walls:  As shown in the attached picture, artists may submit proposals to paint or beautify the retaining walls at the Park so long as the proposed art does not detract from landscaping and other Park improvements.  

Front of Whitemore Park

These five sites are located within and directly across from the Annapolis Historic District and all art must comply with Historic Commission requirements.  The County will facilitate obtaining Annapolis Historic Commission approval of selected art proposals.

  • Program Rules
    • The County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals submitted or to eliminate any or all sites from consideration under this program prior to signing a license agreement.
    • The County reserves the right to negotiate or request changes to the proposals as submitted as well as to solicit proposals from alternate artists/teams at any time.
    • The County has limited funding for this effort but may be able to provide financial or in kind services, such as surface preparation.  Artists should outline the exact support they’ll require for their art installation in their proposal.
    • Art will be the property of the County during the time period of placement on County property and may be removed by the artist after 2 years from the date of installation, or earlier if mutually agreed.
    • Public art may be removed or moved to another location at the County’s sole discretion and expense at any time.
    • If public art that is displayed by the artist differs from the application or approved public art, the County may require the art to be moved or removed at the artist’s expense.  If the artist fails to move or remove the public art upon the County’s request, the County may remove or move the art at the artist’s expense.
    • The County does not take responsibility for maintenance or preservation of public art once installed.  If the public art falls into disrepair or requires maintenance, the County will contact the artist and require repairs or removal.
    • Artists may sign their public art installation in accordance with their approved project plan.  The County may, at its sole discretion, choose to recognize the artist or artists by posting a placard or by other suitable means.
    • Artists will be required to sign a Public Art Agreement with the County prior to art installation to outline each party’s roles and responsibilities.
    • The size and location of a public art installation is in the sole discretion of the County and is dependent on the location, safety issues, building structure, and other factors deemed relevant by the Central Services Officer.
    • Artists may submit proposals for more than one site and may submit a proposal as part of a team.
    • Artists may request a site visit with County staff to understand the exact proposed locations by contacting Samantha Harris, Real Estate Manager, at 410-222-7913.
  • Vision for Projects

    The vision for this project is for original art work of exceptional quality and enduring value located in prominent public spaces. This site specific art work should:

    • Demonstrate artistic excellence.
    • Enhance the site of the art installation with a distinctive aesthetic experience both highly visible and welcoming to pedestrians and bicyclists on both sides of Calvert Street, as well as those traveling by in vehicles.
    • Highlight the importance of the sites as a civic facility, and provide a recognizable identity for the neighborhood.
    • Be an original art piece appropriate for outdoor installation able to stand up to severe weather, vandalism, graffiti, etc. and be adequately and safely displayed and secured.
    • Consider site limitations. Space at each of the offered sites is limited and will require the selected artist(s) to consider the sites’ limitations.
    • Create a signature presence for the site. This can be whimsical and/or colorful; incorporate an image or feeling of water and light; reflect on the natural environment; or, highlight the historic or civic importance of Anne Arundel County government in the City of Annapolis.
    • Feature colors, though vibrant, that are complimentary and harmonious with the exterior colors of adjacent structures, as well as consistent with the chosen theme.  Neon, fluorescent, or reflective-type colors or materials or discouraged.
    • Pertain to the County’s natural resources or history.  The public art shall have a relationship to the location and community in which it is located.
    • Not contain any wording, except to identify the items depicted in the artwork.  Public art may not include any indecent, lewd, or obscene words or depictions.
    • Not obscured windows or entranceways.  Public art my not disrupt the site’s landscaping and maintenance requirements and may not be so large as to overwhelm adjacent architecture of become a visual distraction or detract from its surroundings.
    • Not include anything construed or intended to interfere with the government operations within or upon the County property on which it is proposed.
    • Not include political, religious, copyrighted, trademarked, or commercial messages or logos. 
    • Not be permitted in the right-of-way or sidewalks, or adjacent to roadways or sidewalks if the County determines that such installation may impede or confuse drivers or pedestrians, create “blind spots”, or cause any other negative impact on or interference with public safety or welfare. 
  • The Artist Selection Process
    • Artists/teams submit proposals.
    • A committee will review proposals and select finalists and notify artists/teams of selection.
    • Artists/teams will sign license agreements and agree to installation schedule.
    • The selection process is governed by County Administrative Procedures.
  • How to Submit Proposals
    Proposed Artwork Concept for Selected Site(s). Proposals must include:
    • Conceptual full color drawings or sketches to scale, sufficient to communicate the artist’s concept, including materials used, size, weight, and installation requirements.
    • Details on the image/artwork size and photographs of the proposed location on the County property.
    • If a mural is proposed, information on wall preparation, materials and processes to be used, anti-graffiti treatments, and group or individuals involved in the design, preparation, and installation.
    • A budget for the art including information on the funding source(s) for the project and any requested contribution from the County.
    • A proposed timeline for installation.
    • Plans or guidelines for maintenance of the art.

    Work samples. Artists should submit a resume or statement of qualifications for the lead artist. Artists applying as a team should submit work samples of each individual artist’s work. A minimum of three (3) work samples must be submitted as either pdf or jpeg files.

    • Please number and title each PDF or JPEG and include a description sheet with corresponding numbers. The sheet should list your name and the titles, dates, media, and dimensions of the work.

    Contact Information: Please include your name, email address, and phone number.

    Optional: Each artist may include up to three selections of support materials such as reviews.

    Submit all requested information via email to, with the subject line: Whitmore Park Art Proposal.

    Proposal Form