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Prevailing Wage Law Complaint Form

This form must be used to file any complaint regarding an alleged violation of Anne Arundel County's Prevailing Wage and Local Hiring laws, Section 8-2-115 and 8-2-116 of Anne Arundel County Code. The filing of this form does not require the County to conduct an investigation to determine the validity of a complaint. It is the complainant's responsibility to provide proof of the validity of the complaint.

The complaint form can also be downloaded and filled out.  

1) Complainant Information
I am a*
If you are a union representative, do you presently represent any of the employees who work for the employer indicated below?
Have you retained an attorney to resolve this matter?*
A separate form must be completed for each allegedly aggrieved employee.

If the Complainant is not the Employee (indicated in Section 2), the Complainant must provide the name, address, and telephone number of an allegedly aggrieved employee and must complete the remainder of this form to the best of his/her ability before this
complaint will be investigated. Under these circumstances, a complaint will only be investigated for the allegedly aggrieved employee indicated below.
2) Employee Name and Contact Information
3) Employer Information
4) Alleged Violations
Check where appropriate and briefly explain the nature of the violation(s) committed by the employer. Only those violations checked will be investigated:*
5) Allegedly Aggrieved Employee Data
Does your employer normally provide you with any fringe benefits, such as health insurance, pension, paid vacation, profit sharing, IRA, etc.?
6) Project Information
Please enter the following information for only the County project(s) on which the employer allegedly committed the previously indicated violation(s). If project information is not entered, no investigation will be conducted.
Do you have any prior experience in this trade/occupation while working for a different employer?
Did you ever work any overtime?
Did you receive your regular fringe benefits?
Did you keep any records of the hours you worked? If yes, send copies of them with this form.
Did you keep your paycheck stubs? If yes, send copies of them with this form.
7) Calculations
Do you owe your employer any money?
Did you ask your employer for your back wages?
Additional information can be provided in an attachment to this Complaint