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Stepping Up Your Nutrition

A free interactive 2.5 hour workshop developed to increase awareness of malnutrition risk in older adults.  Participants will understand the importance of balanced nutrition and identify the key warning signs of malnutrition.

  • Our body naturally loses muscle and bone as you age: however, malnutrition can accelerate these losses and impact your independence and ability to be active.
  • Malnutrition can cause substantial losses in lean body mass which makes older adults more susceptible to falls.
  • When your body lacks nutrition, your white blood cell count can decrease, making it harder for your body to heal and fight illnesses.
  • Not having enough protein and other nutrients can harm your eyes, brain, and kidneys.

The workshop will focus on key nutrients of older adults- particularly protein and fluids.  A participant will learn how to determine their own personal nutrition risk and create an action plan to improve their nutritional health.  Workshop is free, but space is limited to 15 participants.  Registration is required.  For additional information, please call the Department of Aging at (410) 222-4366.

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