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Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Request Form

DEM files contain largescale topographic relief information, typically land XYZ information at a regular grid spaced interval to represent ground relief. DEM files are a valuable data source for many planning and engineering tasks. Usually, the DEM data is not precise enough to use on small scale studies, but is ideal for large scale planning and analysis tasks. The Anne Arundel County DEM files are stored in the proprietary ESRI Grid data model and can be loaded into the ESRI ArcMap application or AutoCad Map3d.

Anne Arundel County also has 2-foot contour interval (TOPO) files available for download. These contours (available as either shapefiles or dxf files) are derived from the DEM data. The TOPO data is often adequate for most tasks requiring elevations.

If you require the DEM data you may pick up a data DVD from our office in the Heritage Office Complex, 2662 Riva Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401. We are located on the second floor directly to the right as you exit the elevator. Our office hours are Monday Friday 7:30 am 3:45 pm. Please complete the following form to notify us that you would like to obtain the DEM data.

Please fill out the required information below: