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Volunteer with the MDVA

The MDVA is recruiting volunteers to serve as Associates, similar to mentors, to incarcerated veterans within six months of release from the Central Region of Maryland and who will be returning to the Greater Baltimore area. Associates will mentor for 12 months post release while supporting a successful transition to the community.
The Veteran Re-Entry Associate Program is supported by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.
This statewide program is being piloted in the Greater Baltimore area.  As the program grows, the vision is for a statewide program serving incarcerated veterans from all areas of the State.

Steps to becoming an Associate:

  1. Complete the application and release of information form attached to this email.
  2. Return the completed documents to Dana Hendrickson, MDVA by:
           Fax: 410-216-7928
           Mail: 16 Francis Street, 4th Floor Annapolis, MD 21401
  3. Following an approved background check by DPSCS, you'll be contacted for a brief phone interview.  The purpose of the interview is to answer questions about the program and learn about your interests and goals for participating in the program. The interview will also help with the matching process.
  4. Once the background check is approved by DPSCS, you'll be scheduled for the next Associate Orientation and Training. The next orientation and training will be held in late April.
  5. Following the orientation and training, you'll be matched with a Veteran to begin the mentoring process.

For more information: 

Dana Hendrickson, MDVA

Program Flier
Veteran Re-Entry Application Form
Release of Information for DPSCS

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