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Vision & Mission

Human Services Core Group Vision


Our vision is that every citizen of Anne Arundel County will live in a safe community in a quality home that he or she can afford, be financially secure and properly nourished, have the job skills needed to succeed in the workplace, be part of a well functioning family unit, have equal opportunity, have access to comprehensive physical and behavioral health services, and live a long, healthy and fulfilled life.


Mission of the Partnership for Children, Youth and Families

Our mission is to:

  • assess community human services needs and identify gaps in services
  • convene a neutral group of diverse stakeholders to build partnerships and develop solutions
  • fund services for children and families by leveraging State funding and increasing local resources, and
  • advance the Governor’s priorities of reducing the impact of parental incarceration on children, families and communities; improving outcomes for disconnected youth; reducing childhood hunger; and reducing youth homelessness.