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Current Programs

  • Systems of Care

    Systems of Care is a partnership between all child-serving agencies to meet children and families’ basic needs in a cross system, collaborative model. This multi-tiered approach to providing individualized information and support helps connect children, youth and their families to appropriate resources in the community. Our goal is to provide a single point of entry to link families to services and community-based supports.

    Information Resource and Referral Line: 1-800-485-0041

    Call Systems of Care Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to receive one-to-one assistance and support over the telephone. Information and referral specialists are available to help callers find local resources including mental health services, food, housing, utilities, crisis or emergency services, mentoring, parent training and education, eligibility screening for benefits and much, much more.

    Family Navigation

    Families with more intensive or complex issues and needs can receive support and assistance from a Family Navigator who can help the family develop an Individualized Action Plan that meets their needs. Navigators can work more intensively with these families, in both their community and their homes as needed to ensure that all needs are addressed. Navigators will also help families identify strengths and learn how to become their own best advocate as they embark on a path towards self-sufficiency.  To connect with a navigator by phone, call 1-800-485-0041.

    Deirdre Berry, SOC Supervisor - [email protected]

    Jess Brockman, Intake Coordinator - [email protected]

    Alexandra Garcia-Rodriguez Clay, Immigration Family Navigator - [email protected]

    Christina Owens, Family Navigator - [email protected]

    Natali Quizhpi, Bi-Lingual Family Navigator - [email protected]

    Lori Sena, Family Navigator - [email protected]

    Glora Stefah, Family Navigator - [email protected]


    Community Support Teams: CRICT, Early Childhood CRICT, BRICKIT, VS Cares

    Families with complex or intensive issues can also receive support and assistance through our Community Resource Initaitive/Care Teams (CRICT). The Family will complete a simple referral form and be scheduled for a one-hour meeting with team members that can assist their family. At the meeting, team members will help develop an Individualized Action Plan in partnership with the family. After the meeting, the family and our staff (with support from team members) will implement the Action Plan. Our staff will follow up with the family and other involved parties to ensure the family’s needs are met.

    The CRICT team serves families with school-aged children (K to 12th grade) while the Early Childhood CRICT team specializes in families with children birth to age five, particularly those with developmental disabilities or delays or special health care needs. BRICKIT serves homeless families, and VS Cares is designed to support victims of domestic violence, human and sex trafficking, and other crimes. 

    For more information on any CRICT team or to complete a referral/schedule a meeting, contact our CRICT Teams Coordinator Arianna Rodriguez-Moreno at 1-800-485-0041 or via email at [email protected].

  • Community of Hope


    Communities of Hope (“COH”) is a place-based model designed by Casey Family Programs to engage the local community and bring more wrap-around services and requested supports to families living in high need communities in an effort to reduce poverty and the number of children in out-of-home placements. In Anne Arundel County, we have established four Communities of Hope that aligns with the color and geography of poverty and need identified through the county-wide needs assessment, Poverty Amidst Plenty. This multi-dimensional approach is led by a diverse group of stakeholders including local agencies, community organizations, residents, faith leaders and organizations, business owners and other service providers working collaboratively to create a rich tapestry of supports and services that address family wellness and stability and ultimately allows children to thrive.

    Each community of hope reflects the unique strengths and needs of its community. To learn more about the COH model, check out Casey Family Program’s 2020 Special Report.


    The four Communities of Hope are: Brooklyn Park (North County), West County (Severn/Meade), Annapolis, and South County

    Brooklyn Park Community of Hope

    For more information, or to become a partner in this work contact Mizetta Wilson at [email protected] or 410-830-0054

    Annapolis Community of Hope

    For more information, or to become a partner in this work contact Mizetta Wilson at [email protected] or 410-830-005

    South County Community of Hope

    For more information, or to become a partner in this work contact Tracey Cherry at [email protected] or 410-222-7587

    West County Community of Hope

    For more information, or to become a partner in this work contact Diana Taylor at [email protected] or 443-336-5474


    Neighbors United

    Neighbors United is a collaborative initiative in partnership with United Way of Central Maryland focused on community building by identifying, cultivating and supporting grassroots leaders from within the community. The work is led by a Core Team of community residents from the Pioneer Drive/Still Meadows area focused on identifying key issues and working with community and county leadership to implement meaningful solutions and change. While not a Community of Hope, it shares similar goals and approaches with the COH model. It is our hope that we can combine lessons learned in the Neighbors United work with our COH approach to ensure that, long term, our Communities of Hope are community led as well as community driven. 

    For more information on Neighbors United or the work of the Core Team and neighbors, contact Randy Curtis at [email protected] or 410-279-1068

  • Other Partnership Programs and Services

    Family Stability

    The Partnership in collaboration with ACDS, United Way of Central Maryland, and other key partners provides case management and other assistance to families who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness. To connect with one of our Family Stability programs and/or see if you are eligible for assistance, call our resource line at 1-800-485-0041.

    Gina Epps, Family Stability Director - [email protected]

    Elma Jones, Sr. Case Manager - [email protected]

    Lolita Andrews, Case Manager - [email protected]

    Paulette Dyson, Case Manager - [email protected]

    Jocelyn Martin, 2 Gen Family Coach - [email protected]

    Stephon Hutt, Case Manager/Housing Specialist - [email protected]

    Renee Williams, Case Manager - [email protected]

    HIP HOP Youth Homelessness Program

    Housing In Place, Home Our Priority (HIP HOP) is a unique rapid rehousing program for unaccompanied homeless youth aged 18 to 24, particularly those in the Northern part of our County. For more information on the program or to see if you qualify for assistance, please contact Krystal Gill at [email protected] or call 443-758-0829.

    Community Conferencing

    Community Conferencing is a restorative justice practice designed to divert first-time non-violent offenders from the juvenile justice system and to reduce rates of suspension and expulsion in schools. Community Conferencing provides a cost-effective and meaningful community-based response to juvenile crime by empowering the community of people affected by the incident (victims, offenders, supporters) to collectively resolve the case themselves. Young offenders are held accountable for their actions; victims have a voice; and everyone decides how to best repair the harm and prevent future occurrences.

    For more general program information or to discuss a referral to the program contact Shay Brooks, Community Conferencing Coordinator at [email protected] or 410-222-7591.


    Youth Mentoring

    In collaboration with the Anne Arundel County Mental Health Agency, the Partnership offers one-on-one mentoring for youth with a mental health diagnosis between the ages of 11 and 21. In addition, the program offers enrolled youth the opportunity to meet monthly in a group setting to learn and connect with their peers while also learning valuable skills and tools to help them manage their mental well being. 

    For more information contact TyJuan Thompson, Youth Programs Manager, at [email protected] or 410-934-8380. 

    Issac Colbert, Program Assistant and Re-entry Navigator - [email protected]