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The information provided here pertains to ethics issues that have come to the attention of the commission in one form or another.  
Since these documents are not confidential and may be informational, the ethics commission believes that they should be made readily available to the public.  

Advisory Opinion AO-15-65:  It is not a per se conflict of interest for a police officer to work secondary employment in an establishment that holds a liquor license to sell or serve alcohol. There is no valid reason to treat secondary employment in establishments holding a liquor license any differently than other secondary employment locations when engaging in a conflict of interest analysis. For the reasons set forth in the opinion, AO-07-21 and AO-04-79 are withdrawn.
Decision of Circuit Court issued in Halle v. Anne Arundel County on May 13, 2014, awarding attorneys fees to Phillip R. Scheibe with a reduction of 20% for ethics violations
Scheibe v. Anne Arundel County Ethics Commission - Decision of Court of Special Appeals, issued December 11, 2013 
Sworn Statement Requesting Suspension of Disqualification
Letter from Alan Legum
Report to county council and county executive on Amendment 1 to Bill 70-12, September 13, 2012
Response to Exemption Request January 22, 2012 
8 Official Opinions of the Compliance Board 1 (2012) 
Police Secondary Employment- Liquor Licenses, Bingo - 12/14/2010
Appendix 1 - Report on Bill 59-07
Appendix 2 - Letter to State Ethics Commission Re: Bill 59-07
Prestige of Office Ballot Questions A
Police Secondary Employment Letter - 4/27/11 
Police Secondary Employment - Letter from Chief Teare - 7/5/11
Police Secondary Employment - Letter to Chief Teare - 7/14/11 
Bill 59-11 Findings and Recommendations 8/12/2011
Lt. From State Ethics Commission 8/12/2011