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*Drop-box located at 44 Calvert Street, front entrance of the Arundel Center.

Instructions for Filing an Appeal


You must provide the following information:
  1. Notice of Appeal Form*
  2. Filing Fee*
  3. County Agency’s Written Decision*
  4. List of Property Owners within 175 feet of subject property
  5. Councilmanic District Number for subject property

* Must be filed at the time of appeal


Time for Filing

Most appeals must be filed within 30 calendar days of the date of the County’s decision. It is your responsibility to check the County Code for the specific deadlines applicable to your appeal.

Board of Appeals Filing Fees

Please make your check/money order payable to Anne Arundel County.

Reclassifications, Special Exceptions and Grading Permits
Variances and All Other Administrative Appeals*

*Administrative appeals include, but are not limited to, decisions of  Animal Control, Office of Personnel, Permit Application Center, e.g. building permits, Office of Planning and Zoning, e.g. modifications, nonconforming uses, twenty-year registered uses, Site Development Plans, Preliminary Plans, Final Plats, and other decisions.


List of Property Owners within 175 Feet

The property owners list must be submitted within 30 days of filing your appeal (excluding cases appealed from the Administrative Hearing Officer, Personnel, and Animal Control). Property owners' names and addresses can be obtained from the Office of Planning and Zoning by calling (410) 222-7437 or by using the Community Meetings Property Details Viewer which has instructions on how to generate a list of owners within 175 feet or 300 feet of a property or area in the About section on the right under Public Notification Tool Please see Rule 2-101(c) for further information.

Councilmanic District Number

This information must be submitted within 30 days of filing your appeal.  Use the "Who is my Councilmember?" lookup tool to locate the district number.  If you have difficulty, call the County Council office at (410) 222-1401 with the street address of the subject property.
* If the List of Property Owners within 175 feet and the Councilmanic District Number are not received by the required time, the Board may choose to dismiss the appeal.
Please call or email the Board of Appeals Office with any questions.