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Amusement License Commission

The Amusement License Commission advises the Director of Inspections and Permits on matters related to commercial bingo operations and the proposal of ordinances and the adoption of regulations to implement the provisions of Article 11, Title 2 of the Anne Arundel County Code.


Meeting Information

The seven-member commission meets at the request of the Director of Inspections and Permits. Members advise the director on proposed ordinances and the adoption of regulations regarding commercial bingo games, carnivals, and other fundraising events. The commission can be called to review the issuance, denial, refusal to renew or revocation of commercial licenses.

James Aluisi, Chairman
Richard B. Ladd, Vice Chairman
Cynthia Carter
Darrin Michael Jacobs
Peter T. Bjerknes
Karen Justice
Captain Katie Goodwin - Anne Arundel County Police

County Code

How to Apply for a License


Amusement License Commission Meetings

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