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Agriculture Farming and Agritourism Commission

Agriculture remains a top industry in Maryland with 381 farms totaling 28,111 acres in Anne Arundel County alone. Anne Arundel County has resources in place to support our county farmers and agricultural producers and meet the needs of the agricultural business community.


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About the Commission

The Agriculture, Farming and Agritourism Commission is made up of members from the County familiar with agriculture, farming and agritourism issues and  are committed to the  development, coordination and promotion of these uses in the County. The Commission meets quarterly and includes representatives from County Government.

Press Releases

Commission Members
Anna Chaney
Brian Riddle
Deana Tice
Kayla Griffith
John Faber
Julie Howes
Ray Greenstreet
James Weaver
John Rosso
Phil Hager
Wm. Bryant
Barbara Polito
Don Curtain
Lt. Albert A. Mudd
Lisa Barge
John Czajkowski
David Myers
David Miller
Sarah Campbell
Shelley Hopkins
Pam Bush

Agritourism Commission

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