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Agriculture Commission

Agriculture remains a top industry in Maryland with 381 farms totaling 28,111 acres in Anne Arundel County alone. Anne Arundel County has resources in place to support our county farmers and agricultural producers and meet the needs of the agricultural business community.


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About the Commission

County Executive Pittman signed Executive Order 54 on December 21, 2021, to redefine and restructure the Agriculture Commission to better reflect the administration’s commitment to protecting agricultural lands and open space while promoting commercially-viable farms in the County.

The Commission is made up of County residents who are familiar with agricultural and farming issues, with most voting members owning, managing, or operating a farm in the County. Members advise the County Executive on the promotion, coordination, establishment, furtherance, protection, and community impacts of agriculture, farming, agritourism, and land preservation uses within the County to ensure that industries remain economically viable while preserving agricultural land. The Commission meets quarterly and includes representatives from several County departments.

Application Period Open until January 24, 2022

The County Executive’s Office is seeking motivated individuals to serve on the Agriculture Commission. Membership on the Commission is conterminous with the County Executive’s term. 

Thirteen voting members, as described below, will be appointed in February 2022.  

  • Nine (9) individuals who own, manage, or operate a working farm in the County, at least one representing each of the following sectors: livestock, equine, grain, hay, fruit/viticulture, vegetable, and nursery/greenhouse. 
    Of these 9 voting members:
    • at least three (3) individuals must also participate in one or more of the following accessory use activities: agritourism, on-farm alcohol production, or value-added agriculture (processing);
    • at least three (3) individuals must represent farm operations smaller than 50 acres; and
    • at least three (3) individuals must represent farm operations of 50 acres or above;
  • One (1) representative from the Anne Arundel County Farm Bureau;
  • One (1) representative from the Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board; and
  • Two (2) individuals involved in Future Farmers of America, 4-H or other youth agricultural education program, or are affiliated with Anne Arundel County Young Farmers.

If you are interested in supporting agriculture in Anne Arundel County, please review the Executive Order and submit completed application and conflict of interest forms to Dr. Jennifer Purcell, Director of Special Projects, County Executive’s Office at [email protected] no later than 12:00 p.m. (noon) on Monday, January 24, 2022.  All current members who fit the categories above are encouraged to apply.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Purcell at [email protected] or 410-222-1386.

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Agriculture Commission

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