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Visiting Annapolis

For many visitors to the State Office Complex in Annapolis, the easiest parking and transportation option is to park at the Naval Academy Stadium and take the Annapolis Transit Trolley Shuttle from there.

The State Shuttle makes a constant loop between the Stadium and the State Legislative Buildings. Primarily a commuter tool for the State Employees, anyone can ride the State Shuttle to access Annapolis or the Stadium.The State Shuttle departs the Stadium every five minutes during peak rush hour and every 15 minutes at all other times. Parking at the stadium costs $5 for visitors. The shuttle costs $2 each way. You can also park in Knighton or Park Place Garage and take the Circulator. Parking costs $10., with a $1 Circulator fee. For more information about the Circulator Trolly visit The City of Annapolis Website.

If you have additional questions on parking or transportation in the City of Annapolis, please call the Department of Parking and Transportation at (410) 263-7964.

Stadium parking as well as other parking options are indicated on the map below.

Map of Shuttle Route in Annapolis, MD.

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